Afarin Behgol

  • Afarin Behgol Food Industry Company has established in 2000 in an area of 45000 square meters and its production lines has installed in halls of 9000 square meters and in hot and cold sections. This company also uses ambient and below zero warehouses, ambient and cold facilities, basic and auxiliary equipment and employs professional personnel to produce a wide range of products.
  • Afarin Behgol can produce different jams, marmalades, syrups, essences, olives, frozen products such as peas, corn, fava beans, frozen fruits, mixed vegetables and so on.
  • Afarin Behgol is member of reputed production groups and has commercial and trade contracts with top brands like Mahram, Ballesi, Tanish… This company has also many plans under investigation to produce French fries, spices, canned foods, oils and vinegar.